What Resolution?

New Year’s Day is associated with fireworks, black-eyed peas, football and resolution making. Every year that comes in many of us make at least one resolution – usually about some way we think we should do something that will improve us, such as quit smoking, spend more time with family, or lose weight. And with every year that goes out many of us forget we have ever made that resolution. Why is it that most of us never stick with our resolutions? We viewed the resolution to be a single event in our life that would make the change we expect rather than a change that that would manifest itself across all events of our life. For example, making a huge effort to attend a playoff game your child is in does not really contribute to the overall improvement of relationship of parent & child. Whereas making consistent small changes such as taking a little extra time each day to listen, talk, laugh, & love with that child creates lifetime changes.

The same is true when we make a resolution to lose weight. We resolve that on Jan 1, after the family dinner of course, we will make a huge effort to go on a diet. Then we notice Jan 2 is our child’s birthday, so we can’t start then. And then Jan 3 comes and we have a business lunch so we can’t start then. Before long our weight loss resolution lies in the dust of powdered sugar doughnut residue. How did we let this happen so quickly? We viewed the resolution as a one-time event like that one playoff game. True optimal health through weight loss will never be a one-time event. It must involve those consistent small changes that cut through all aspects of your life and change forever the relationship of your mind and body with food.

The dictionary definition of resolution is: “A settled purpose, a determination, a firm decision to do or not to do something.”

If you desire better health for a lifetime then let your resolution be a settled purpose to begin now, don’t worry about last week, or fret about next week. There is no better time to start than now.

ProHealth Wellness Solutions

“Inspiring Wellness in Every Family” ~ Dr. Chess Miles & Dr. Melvin Aldridge ~

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