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Got Stress?

These days, stress is so common it’s often seen as “normal.” Since it’s unlikely that we can eliminate stress in our lives, improving our ability to withstand and accommodate it is important for our health.

There’s good stress and bad stress.

Positive Stress Negative Stress
A workout at the gym Lack of adequate sleep
One-day water fast Daily diet of fast food
Learning the piano Paying the bills
International travel Airline seats
Trying new foods Food poisoning
A glass of wine Three glasses of wine

Generally, stress falls into three categories:

Physical Stress – Repetitive motions (painting the ceiling), postural distortions (falling asleep with your neck twisted) and whiplash injuries from a car accident are physical stresses. So are slips and falls. Even a difficult birth or learning to walk.

Emotional Stress – Ever face an impossible deadline at work? Or grieved the loss of a loved one? Notice the posture of someone who is depressed. Emotional stress is one of the most common, yet overlooked types of negative stress.  Anger, or a sense of hopelessness, are common forms of emotional stress that may affect the spine.

Chemical Stress – Today’s environment constantly assaults us with chemicals. Drugs, preservatives, tobacco, alcohol, pollen, pet dander, detergents, fabric softeners and a host of other substances that can affect our nervous system and muscle tone.

Stress produces a reaction in your body. Besides increased levels of stress hormones, the fight or flight response may produce spinal joint dysfunction. Think of it as your body’s circuit breaker.

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Understanding Chiropractic

“What is Chiropractic?

nervous system

Our spinal cord is made up of nerves connecting the brain to nerves in the body — a superhighway for messages between our brain and the rest of our body. Our spinal cord is surrounded for most of its length by the bones (vertebrae) that form the spine.

Here are some basic underlying principles to deepen your understanding of Chiropractic.

Understand Chiropractic -7

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May is Women’s Health Month

Join us for a Women’s Health Workshop!

women health workshop invite

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Pain In Your Neck?

“Behold the turtle, he makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.”
~ James Bryant Conant

Most people experience neck pain at some time in their lives. A  Chiropractor’s training  helps them to be adept at locating and removing the subluxation cause of neck pain. This allows the innate ability of your body to heal itself and results in progressively restoring better mobility in the neck and other affected body parts. Like the turtle in the quote above, if you are a sufferer of neck pain, you may only make progress to relief and optimal health by sticking out your neck – at your Chiropractor’s office.

The cervical (neck) spine starts at the base of the brain stem. It includes the first seven bones of the spinal column, and runs to right above the shoulder blades. The cervical spine also contains muscles, ligaments and joints, with nerve endings that respond to problems in your body by conveying the sensation of pain to the brain, which in turn responds with “Yikes, my neck sure hurts!”

Often neck pain results from performing repetitive movements, such as painting ceilings, working at a computer with head in a strained position, or even sleeping wrong. All may result in strain, sprain, inflammation or spasm in the ligaments, muscles, or joints in the neck. This video below conveys the complex and beautiful design of those structures of the neck that must all work together.

If your neck is giving you pain and not working as designed, consider the turtle again. We all want to make progress towards the best health we can possibly be. Hiding closed up in a shell hoping the pain will one day go away, gets you nowhere. Take charge of your health and give us a call! It would be our pleasure to help you discover wellness care through Chiropractic.

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Did You Know?

ability to healDid you know that this is what Chiropractic is about…enhancing your body’s ability to heal itself. Your chiropractor, no matter how wonderful they are, does not heal you, but they do equip you to heal yourself.  Detecting and correcting subluxations, spinal nerve interference, unhinders your body. You are set free to tap into this magnificent innate ability that our creator God endowed in each one of us. It is so much more than relief from an aching back or headaches. God designed you in His own boundless image — not the fettered & limited version we have in our head or by which we’ve been indoctrinated by others and the world. Wouldn’t you like to know what you may have been missing? Don’t just roll over and accept the limits of your circumstances or your thinking. Be free! Get your spine checked. A new way of life is eagerly awaiting your discovery.

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works, my soul knows it very well.” Psalm 139:14

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5 Chiropractic Myths Busted

What have you heard about Chiropractic care? If you have never been to a chiropractor or know someone who never has, you’ve probably heard more than a few myths about it. You may have even believed them. Many people just have a fear of the unknown. Let’s look at just 5 of the top myths in this chart and bust them open. If you have any other questions please give us a call 281-991-7676 or email us at We love explaining how chiropractic can help you!


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Is Your Doctor An Artist?

Is your doctor an artist? That may sound like an odd question and one that I can hear you saying to yourself, “I could hardly care less if my doctor is an artist”. So why should you care?

You should care, because the answer may totally be affecting your health and therefore also your quality of life.

Many traditional doctors only assess you, their patient, as one unit among many. They put aside any sense of art in your diagnosis & treatment and practically deify the science, a science often based on questionable big company research. Non-artist doctors have locked away palettes & paints in exchange for pharmaceutical “one size fits all” solutions to what they only see as biology or at best biochemistry. They have taken a magnifying glass to examine the paint on a canvass and never gazed at the picture as a whole.

An artist doctor sees his clients and the world differently. You are unique and an individual. The body you wear day after day carries its own inherent characteristics. You are an original design…a special edition! You are the greatest portrayal of art ever! That said, why would you ever want someone who will not see the art, treat you as only a biological science experiment.

The phrase the “Art and Science of Chiropractic” is unique to the field of Chiropractic for a reason. A good chiropractor doesn’t eschew the science over the art or vice versa. Both are important factors in attaining optimal wellness.

Chiropractic appreciates the role of the nervous system as the master controller of all cells, tissues and organs in the body and how any irritation or interference will hinder communication within that body. Rather than treating a specific disease or condition, Chiropractic focuses on removing any of the interferences, such as subluxations, that inhibit the innate ability of the human body to heal itself. The detection of the vertebral subluxation and deliverance of the chiropractic adjustment to correct the subluxation is the art of chiropractic. It is an art that takes experience and training to hone, but what a difference it makes to be under such care. A good chiropractor can tell if you are a subluxated Picasso or a peaceful Monet.

The human spine is made up of 24 movable bones called vertebrae – the canvass for your chiropractic artist. Your adjustment is where the science and art meet.

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Deferred Maintenance – A Choice Made by Waiting

English: Dilapidated_house_in_Paramaribo.Deferred maintenance is what neglect is called in real estate circles. It happens when we neglect a property by simply putting off taking care of it. Deferred maintenance is the passive choice that was made when we ignored taking any action. Failure to complete minor repairs as needed results in a more rapid deterioration of the property. Before long, the minor repairs have become costly renovations that can quickly overwhelm our personal savings account.

From the time we’re born until the day we die, our physical body is the housing we spend our entire life within. With a house, as with our bodies, it is easy (especially when we are young) to ignore those minor repairs of daily wear & tear. It is also easy to unconsciously fill up the empty spaces with poor decorating choices or hoard useless items that become clutter rather than useable life-enhancing decor.

We often make the same 3 comparable mistakes with our bodies as we do our houses.

1. We ignore the daily wear and tear on our bodies

2. We make poor choices in our lifestyle and foods as we seek quick satisfaction.

3. We become hoarders of our over-cluttered emotional life in the form of too many cheeseburgers & fries.

I cannot tell you how many times in conversations I hear a person say, ” I don’t need a chiropractor, my back is fine except when I bend wrong,” or, “I don’t need to diet because my blood tests are fine ever since I’ve been on the pills the doctor gave me,” or the most often heard and one I am personally familiar with, “It is not my fault, my family has bad genes – everyone has heart disease or cancer.”

I totally get it. We do not want to face the fact that we have made a choice, by our own deferred maintenance and inaction, which has caused us pain. The following quote is one of those truths though that should help us push the pause button and just consider how we may have contributed at least a little to our current state of health. Best of all though, it reminds us how we can now take control. It has to do with the choices we make.

“Genes load the gun. Lifestyle pulls the trigger.” ~ Roslyn Rogers

A house that has suffered from deferred maintenance sells for much less, because the cost to repair is so great. Making proactive choices regarding your physical health right now can save you a lot of future expense – financially & emotionally. Seize the day today, because it can change the world for you in the future. Chiropractic care is not just about your back! Be preemptive! We are here to help you where you are at now, so you can be the best you can be at where you want to be!

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The Pebble in Your Shoe

Health fairs are events where organizations have an opportunity to disseminate health information to the public at booths and/or to provide health screenings. ProHealth Wellness Solutions participates in area Health Fairs when possible as a way of heightening awareness within the community of the services we offer.

Not surprisingly many people don’t know what Chiropractic means.

When we participated at a recent health fair and someone asked the question “what is chiropractic”.  To give the simplest answer the person was asked if they ever had a pebble in their shoe.  Of course most of us have had that painful experience.  Once the pebble is there it affects everything about us – how we walk (painful limping), – our attitude (not pleasant), our speech (#8&**%#), our facial expressions Sad Face Smiley ,   and even our relationship with others (get out of my way – I hurt).  Instead of sickness care where a problem is addressed by medicating you or worse yet, cutting away the foot with the pebble, Chiropractic in its simplest form is the art and science behind gently removing the pebble and its effect.  Once the pebble is removed healing takes place. Rather than treating a specific disease or condition, Chiropractic focuses on removing any of the interferences, such as subluxations, that inhibit the inherent ability of the human body to heal itself.  Medical research (Dr. Chung Ha Suh of the University of Colorado) has shown that even a small pressure (about the weight of a dime) on a nerve can reduce the function of the nerve by 60 percent and that the nerve will start to degenerate if the pressure is sustained for three hours. Chiropractic adjustments “remove the pebble” so your body resumes its capability of healing itself.

“It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.”
Rodan of Alexandria

Our primary goal is to inspire wellness in every family. We want to be the “wellness solution” for you and your family by assisting in prevention of diseases through regular Chiropractic care, and  through healthy nutrition and achieving a healthy weight with the Take Shape for Life program.  Your life’s path will have mountains to cross, whether it is the mountain of your career, your family, your retirement, or your recreation, we want to help you cross them without the pebble in your shoe.

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A Bright Idea

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame (spine), in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
Thomas Edison

This quote by Thomas Edison alludes to the goal of not waiting for a disease or symptom to strike the human body and then treat with medicine.  It would seem he had a vision that shifted the focus of energy of treatment away from prescribing medicines to a more proactive prevention through wellness care…the care that seeks to turn on the body’s natural healing ability. That is the difference between sick care and wellness care. Standard sick care tries to add something from the outside to the body to treat a symptom. Wellness care trusts that the body knows what to do once there is nothing interfering with it.  The aim is to remove that interference. Wellness care through chiropractic care provides the body that better receptive environment for achieving optimal health. Don’t wait until you are sick and hurting to do something. Get adjusted and enjoy life!

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“Inspiring Wellness in Every Family” ~ Dr. Chess Miles & Dr. Melvin Aldridge ~