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Pain In Your Neck?

“Behold the turtle, he makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.”
~ James Bryant Conant

Most people experience neck pain at some time in their lives. A  Chiropractor’s training  helps them to be adept at locating and removing the subluxation cause of neck pain. This allows the innate ability of your body to heal itself and results in progressively restoring better mobility in the neck and other affected body parts. Like the turtle in the quote above, if you are a sufferer of neck pain, you may only make progress to relief and optimal health by sticking out your neck – at your Chiropractor’s office.

The cervical (neck) spine starts at the base of the brain stem. It includes the first seven bones of the spinal column, and runs to right above the shoulder blades. The cervical spine also contains muscles, ligaments and joints, with nerve endings that respond to problems in your body by conveying the sensation of pain to the brain, which in turn responds with “Yikes, my neck sure hurts!”

Often neck pain results from performing repetitive movements, such as painting ceilings, working at a computer with head in a strained position, or even sleeping wrong. All may result in strain, sprain, inflammation or spasm in the ligaments, muscles, or joints in the neck. This video below conveys the complex and beautiful design of those structures of the neck that must all work together.

If your neck is giving you pain and not working as designed, consider the turtle again. We all want to make progress towards the best health we can possibly be. Hiding closed up in a shell hoping the pain will one day go away, gets you nowhere. Take charge of your health and give us a call! It would be our pleasure to help you discover wellness care through Chiropractic.

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~ Dr. Chess Miles and Dr. Melvin Aldridge ~

Is Your Doctor An Artist?

Is your doctor an artist? That may sound like an odd question and one that I can hear you saying to yourself, “I could hardly care less if my doctor is an artist”. So why should you care?

You should care, because the answer may totally be affecting your health and therefore also your quality of life.

Many traditional doctors only assess you, their patient, as one unit among many. They put aside any sense of art in your diagnosis & treatment and practically deify the science, a science often based on questionable big company research. Non-artist doctors have locked away palettes & paints in exchange for pharmaceutical “one size fits all” solutions to what they only see as biology or at best biochemistry. They have taken a magnifying glass to examine the paint on a canvass and never gazed at the picture as a whole.

An artist doctor sees his clients and the world differently. You are unique and an individual. The body you wear day after day carries its own inherent characteristics. You are an original design…a special edition! You are the greatest portrayal of art ever! That said, why would you ever want someone who will not see the art, treat you as only a biological science experiment.

The phrase the “Art and Science of Chiropractic” is unique to the field of Chiropractic for a reason. A good chiropractor doesn’t eschew the science over the art or vice versa. Both are important factors in attaining optimal wellness.

Chiropractic appreciates the role of the nervous system as the master controller of all cells, tissues and organs in the body and how any irritation or interference will hinder communication within that body. Rather than treating a specific disease or condition, Chiropractic focuses on removing any of the interferences, such as subluxations, that inhibit the innate ability of the human body to heal itself. The detection of the vertebral subluxation and deliverance of the chiropractic adjustment to correct the subluxation is the art of chiropractic. It is an art that takes experience and training to hone, but what a difference it makes to be under such care. A good chiropractor can tell if you are a subluxated Picasso or a peaceful Monet.

The human spine is made up of 24 movable bones called vertebrae – the canvass for your chiropractic artist. Your adjustment is where the science and art meet.

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