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3 Benefits of Keeping Summer in Your Life


“The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration” ~ Claude Monet
“The poetry of the earth is never dead.” ~ John Keats


Great artists knew it. Great poets understood it.

Connecting with nature is good for us!

During the summer we often spend more time than usual outside in nature and in countless outdoor activities. As summer winds down we accelerate back into the more hectic lifestyle of school starting and holidays on the horizon. During this increased stress it is even more vital to our wellness to keep a bit of summer in our daily lives by getting outside regularly. Here are just three of the benefits of doing that.:

  1. Natural sunlight is a rich source of Vitamin D for our body. We continue to learn how good Vitamin D is for our health and how critical it is for our body’s systems and how it strengthens our immune system.
  2. Being outdoors gives us a break from the technology we have allowed to not just run our lives, but to run over our lives. In the process our spirit, energy, and often our health is flattened like a dried-up leftover tortilla. Even short term activities outside: a walk, gardening, watering plants, playing with kids, walking the dog, sitting or talking outside with real-life friends rather than online Facebook posts, have the powerful effect of clearing, refocusing, and inspiring our minds.
  3. We soon discover that restlessness and increased anxiety of our stressed out life dissolve in a bath of natural sunlight. Once that happens we have more room for inspiration and for that magnificent attribute of peace to move into our being.

Make a plan. The days will be getting shorter as we move from summer to autumn and into winter. Consider how you can keep even just a small piece of summer in your life, then enjoy it.

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