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Exploring the Meaning of Wellness

Sometimes all we need is a change in our perspective…

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Too often we consider Wellness as the successful end-goal of a heath objective, such as, dieting to lose weight. This perspective hides the purest beauty of Wellness and does nothing to inspire us.

For surely Wellness is not just an achievement of some vague state of disease-free health.  It is not the “house” at the end of the road where you settle for where you are.  True Inspired Wellness shifts that perspective of a settling just for the goal, to a state of adventurous being, of living an exalted life, expressed fully, in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms.

Wellness is “Well-being”, not, “well I’m done”.

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“Inspiring Wellness in Your Family”
~ Dr. Chess Miles D.C. and Dr. Melvin Aldridge D.C. ~

Did You Know?

ability to healDid you know that this is what Chiropractic is about…enhancing your body’s ability to heal itself. Your chiropractor, no matter how wonderful they are, does not heal you, but they do equip you to heal yourself.  Detecting and correcting subluxations, spinal nerve interference, unhinders your body. You are set free to tap into this magnificent innate ability that our creator God endowed in each one of us. It is so much more than relief from an aching back or headaches. God designed you in His own boundless image — not the fettered & limited version we have in our head or by which we’ve been indoctrinated by others and the world. Wouldn’t you like to know what you may have been missing? Don’t just roll over and accept the limits of your circumstances or your thinking. Be free! Get your spine checked. A new way of life is eagerly awaiting your discovery.

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works, my soul knows it very well.” Psalm 139:14

ProHealth Wellness Solutions

“Inspiring Wellness in Every Family”

~ Dr. Chess Miles & Dr. Melvin Aldridge ~

Bringing Health Awareness to the Community

Our Community Wellness Day for Pasadena Texas is quickly approaching –  October 6, 2012 from 11:00 to 2:00! We have been hard at work to bring this event for the first time to the Pasadena and surrounding area and are very excited to see the event taking shape. (For further details please open the Community Wellness page tab at the top of this blog.)

The Mayor of Pasadena, Mayor Johnny Isbell, has issued a proclamation that October 6, 2012 is Community Wellness Day in the city of Pasadena. On Sunday, September 30, 2012, the local newspaper The Pasadena Citizen honored our event by putting us on the front page, spotlighting the importance of increasing health awareness in our community.

So be sure to come check us out at the Pasadena Memorial High School this coming Saturday, October 6 from 11 AM to 2 PM! We look forward to seeing you there!

ProHealth Wellness Solutions

“Inspiring Wellness in Every Family” ~ Dr. Chess Miles & Dr. Melvin Aldridge ~

Promoting Wellness at the First Annual Rugged Race

We’ll be at this event on Saturday, June 2, 2012 at the Pasadena Memorial High School.  Enter the Rugged Race or just come by and see us at our table.  The information below tells you how to enter the race. Hope to see you there!!!

The 1st Annual Rugged Race

The Rugged Race is designed to promote health and wellness in our schools and communities and to create fun spaces on campuses where students and families can come and be active. WHEN: Saturday, June 2, 2012 from 9 A.M.-2 P.M. at Pasadena Memorial High School WHO: 1) 1K for children in Pre-K through the 4th grade. 2) 5K Fun Run for participants in 5th grade to adults (some obstacles; not timed) 3) 5K competitive race with obstacles for participants in the 5th grade to adults. This race will be timed. Awards will be given to top finishers.

To register for the Rugged Race go tohttps://www.raceit.com/Register/?event=10519There will be registration available at the event but you will need to arrive early.

The cost for participants: P-K-4th $10.00(1K) 5th-8th $20.00(5K) High School and Adults $25.00 (5K)
Along with the run, everyone will be able to enjoy a variety of vendors offering information about their companies and products before and after the race. A rock wall, bounce house, and many more fun activities will be offered and bands will provide entertainment for participants to enjoy throughout the day. There will also be food available for purchase. Non-participants of the Rugged Race may make a donation and receive a wrist band to enjoy the activities available to the racers.

Feel free to contact Kasie Fernandez at 713-740-0390 ext. 53314; e-mail: kfernandez@pasadenaisd.org or Pam Tevis at 713-740-0125; e-mail ptevis@pasadenaisd.org for more information. If you would like to help sponsor the event, contact Kasie or Pam for details.

ProHealth Wellness Solutions

“Inspiring Wellness in Every Family” ~ Dr. Chess Miles & Dr. Melvin Aldridge ~

The Pebble in Your Shoe

Health fairs are events where organizations have an opportunity to disseminate health information to the public at booths and/or to provide health screenings. ProHealth Wellness Solutions participates in area Health Fairs when possible as a way of heightening awareness within the community of the services we offer.

Not surprisingly many people don’t know what Chiropractic means.

When we participated at a recent health fair and someone asked the question “what is chiropractic”.  To give the simplest answer the person was asked if they ever had a pebble in their shoe.  Of course most of us have had that painful experience.  Once the pebble is there it affects everything about us – how we walk (painful limping), – our attitude (not pleasant), our speech (#8&**%#), our facial expressions Sad Face Smiley ,   and even our relationship with others (get out of my way – I hurt).  Instead of sickness care where a problem is addressed by medicating you or worse yet, cutting away the foot with the pebble, Chiropractic in its simplest form is the art and science behind gently removing the pebble and its effect.  Once the pebble is removed healing takes place. Rather than treating a specific disease or condition, Chiropractic focuses on removing any of the interferences, such as subluxations, that inhibit the inherent ability of the human body to heal itself.  Medical research (Dr. Chung Ha Suh of the University of Colorado) has shown that even a small pressure (about the weight of a dime) on a nerve can reduce the function of the nerve by 60 percent and that the nerve will start to degenerate if the pressure is sustained for three hours. Chiropractic adjustments “remove the pebble” so your body resumes its capability of healing itself.

“It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.”
Rodan of Alexandria

Our primary goal is to inspire wellness in every family. We want to be the “wellness solution” for you and your family by assisting in prevention of diseases through regular Chiropractic care, and  through healthy nutrition and achieving a healthy weight with the Take Shape for Life program.  Your life’s path will have mountains to cross, whether it is the mountain of your career, your family, your retirement, or your recreation, we want to help you cross them without the pebble in your shoe.

ProHealth Wellness Solutions

“Inspiring Wellness in Every Family” ~ Dr. Chess Miles & Dr. Melvin Aldridge ~