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Standing in the Boat

Celebrating America’s Independence Day!

This July 4th we are thankful for the courageous who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. We are thankful for the courageous who have served in peace & war to protect America ever since! Happy July 4th to everyone!

As we celebrate our country’s Independence Day, I thought of the famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze (1851). George Washington is portrayed as standing in the boat with the American flag waving in the wind.  The painting may not be historically accurate – the type of boat used, the river in December would have had ice chunks, the flag depicted was not used until later, and standing in such a boat would have surely resulted in the future President overboard. Yet the artist was accurate in rendering the historicity of  emotion – the “spirit of 1776”, a portrayal of courage.  On Christmas Day in 1776 morale was very low for the people of the American colonies. Washington’s surprise attack and victory against three regiments of Hessians at Trenton by making this crossing of the Delaware, gave the people a tremendous psychological lift.  Years later, Leutze, by  painting George Washington standing, portrays leadership that inspires courage in overwhelming circumstances. Though the odds were stacked against George Washington, he had the vision to lead forward and expand that vision to others. That kind of leadership is needed today.

We all live in a circle of influence with others who are searching for that one who is standing courageously – whether it be in our community, business, or home. How are you impacting others? Consider how you can be that leader today that inspires courage.

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